The Scales of War

The Attack on Brindol
The campaign journal

Senni has been traveling for a few months across the lands in hopes of spreading word of the light of Pelor to others. Her travels have taken her to Brindol, a somewhat populated city. She finds herself sitting with her friend, Ashur the Orium Wyrmling, in a nearby tavern. While she enjoys her meal, a group of hobgoblins smash the door off its hinges and begin shouting “For the hand!”

Standing little for evil doers, Senni arms herself with her trusty mace and rushes into battle. The hobgoblins kill a couple of the patrons before they begin to realize the threat of her and the wyrmling. As the battle rages on, one of the hobgoblins lights a torch and begins dousing the tavern in flames. One of the patrons, a windsoul genasi, decides to take part in the battle. After clearing a few of the goblins, he begins helping put out the spreading fire. Not long after, the three of them dispatch the hobgoblin threat and the fire.

However, before they can even take a breath, a woman screams from outside the tavern about an ogre in the distance. It’s not long after until they begin to hear the loud stomping footsteps of some kind of giant humanoid. Not even getting a chance to introduce themselves, they head outside the tavern to see a monstrous ogre strapped to a wagon carrying two hobgoblins with long bows.

The three rush into battle to stop them, but they pay little mind to them and continue their carnage. The ogre uses casks filled with roofing pitch as homemade firebombs, and begins tossing them at any random house he can see. Once the heroes bloody the beast, he begins attack them in a rage while the hobgoblin archers provide backup. Unfortunately for them, it’s too late and they are forced to retreat from whence they came, although the ogre is not spared his life and falls from Zafner’s blade.

The town guard approach the group, and tell them that the hobgoblins are leaving from the town’s main bridge, and thank them for helping them with that ogre. None of them were able to even get close enough to attack it with the archers at his side.

During the rest of the evening and most of the night, Senni tends to the wounded in the nearby Shrine of the Sun, while Ashur helps with building repairs. Zafner simply returned to his room in the inn, concerning himself with only the welfare of his room where he’s staying for the night.

The next morning, town Councilmember Eoffram Troyas gives the two of them a summons, Senni and Zafner that is. They meet with him at the town hall, and he discusses with them that they can really use their help in this time of need. A few of the townsfolk were kidnapped during the raid, and a few sentimental treasures were taken from their Great Hall. He offers them a reward for both, and hopes they take the offer. Senni, being a good person, naturally agrees to help. Zafner on the other hand, cares little for the situation and says he needs to continue his own journey. After an insightful speech from Senni, and how the path of the light shows us that the capable ones of the world should assist those who are less fortunate, Zafner takes a genuine interest in her, saying he’s never met anyone like her in the world before. Vowing to stay with her on her journey, he takes the job simply because she is going as well, and because she doesn’t treat him like an outsider.

Eoffram tells the group that there is a hobgobin prisoner named Morrik being held in the prison, and perhaps he would be vital in learning more information on the attackers. Senni, Ashur, and Zafner head to the prison to see what they can find out.

Morrik is indeed there, chained up and bruised. At first he refuses to say anything, but after a few propositions from Senni, and a few mischievous growls out of Ashur, the criminal spills the beans about a few things. He is currently working with Sinruth, leader of Sinruth’s Hand, the group that started this entire fiasco. They believe themselves to be direct descendants of those who ran the Red Hand who attacked Brindol ten years ago. Morrik draws them a crude map to where the location of their base is, Rivenroar Castle. He also mentioned that the town citizens were taken to be fed to some “undead horrors” that live within the castle. There’s no time to waste, Senni thinks to herself, and begins her trek to the castle.

The map leads them off the main path and into the wilderness. Senni, being naturally well versed in the natural environment, and Zafner also being quite knowledgable in survival, easily follow the crude map and make their way to the castle. Although, they eventually find their way into the outside of a Kruthik nest, and the insect-like creatures do not take well to intruders coming close to their hatchlings. Perhaps Morrik drew the map up this way on purpose with intent to have them slaughtered by these beasts.

If that was Morrik’s plan though, then it didn’t go in his favor. The group managed to dispatch the Kruthik, although getting their hands quite dirty in the process. It was a tough battle, and Ashur was wounded pretty badly as well. The group decides to make camp for the night to rest and heal their injuries. The night passes uneventfully, as Zafner uses his survival and nature training to hide their camp very well.

The next morning comes, and after a few more hours of journeying, they reach Rivenroar Castle. The three scout the place out, for some kind of secret entrance or a loose wall. To their surprise, Zafner manages to push down a weak wall that goes into a pitch black passageway, which then leads into the north east corridor of the castle.

As soon as they enter, a vicious gnome employed by the hand attacks them, but not before opening a door which summons two floating claws made of pure magma into their realm. The enemies put up little resistance however, and the adventurer’s dispatch them without even breaking a sweat.

From there, they hear a voice calling from the prison below. Our heroes find Sertanian, a citizen of Brindol locked up in the cell. A key that the gnome was keeping on him opens the cell, and they release him. Afterwards, the group investigates the area fully, and to their surprise, find a few magical items for their troubles. A frost scimitar, and a magical holy symbol that rewards the daring adventurer.

Total EXP: 550 per PC
Total Gold: None
Magic Items Found: Frost Scimitar +1, Healing Power Mace +1


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