Former Soldier Searching for a Place to Call His Own


Zafner Stormbringer – Unaligned Male Windsoul Genasi Two-Bladed Ranger
Age 21, Height: 6’1", Weight: 180lbs

Level 1, Exp 808
Str: 20, Con: 10, Dex: 14, Int:10, Wis: 11, Cha: 10

HP: 37/18/9 SPD: 6
AC: 15, Fort: 16, Ref: 13, Will: 10
Initiative: +2, Speed 6
Background Benefit: Auspicious Birth (Str score to determine starting HP)
Resist: 5 cold

Trained Skills: Acrobatics 6, Athletics 9, Endurance 6, Nature 7, Perception 5
Feats: Toughness (Bonus Feat), Heavy Blade Expertise
Powers & Exploits: Twin Strike, Shield of Blades, Windwalker, Hunter’s Quarry, Precise Assault, Skirmishing Stance

Gear: Frost Scimitar +1, Scimitar, Hide Armor, Standard Adventurer’s Kit
GP: 35


Past Life: A scout, and hunter for his clan, The Rising Tempest. His clan outcasted him when he disappeared from his team on a scouting expedition, after he left to assist a beautiful half-elf female merchant named Tyria through the Earthmote Canyon’s back into regular civilization. Due to the abundant hatred of Genasi from other races due to the Elemental Wars of the recent past, those of the Tempest Clan are forbidden to deal with outsiders. Another Genasi scout found Zafner with Tyria, and that’s how the information made its way back. Ever since then, Zafner became a cold and distant shell of a person, refusing to trust anyone that cannot prove their worth. He secretly roams the land in search of Tyria, the one person he learned to trust.

Current Life: Zafner is a vagabond, moving from place to place in search of Tyria, never staying in one place for too long. People constantly show their hatred towards him and his kind, so he tries to stay in dark corners where he won’t cause much attention to himself, although when someone does approach him, it doesn’t take long to break his silence and cause him to end the confrontation in violence.

Future Goals: To reunite with Tyria.

Personality: Reserved, quick-tempered, reckless in combat, suspicious of others and their intentions, aloof, cares little about the world around him, a man of few words, but strong convictions


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